Ceramic Knives by Ziganof

Ceramic blade ZIGANOF knives have become extremely popular over the past decade because of the many benefits that they have over stainless steel knives. However, these knives still have a couple of disadvantages that other more conventional knives do not have. These disadvantages include the strength, cost, and repair of ceramic blade kitchen knives.

The Advantages of using Ceramic Blade Knives

Ceramic blade knives are second only to natural diamond in hardness and this makes them impervious to chemical reactions, either with acidic or alkaline foods. Because of this chemical inertness they are also far healthier to use than normal metal blades when preparing foods. They do not react with food or deposit metal waste ions in foodstuffs and will never alter the taste of food or turn food brown like some metal blade knives are prone to do. Because these blades are so hard diamond hones can be used for sharpening and for repairing to chips if and when they do occur. Another excellent property of ceramic blades is their weight, or lack of it. They are easy to use and do not have the same weight as steel knives of the same size and relative quality. Ceramic blade kitchen knives are best used when slicing food and should never be used for chopping. This is because even though ceramic blades are not as fragile as one might expect, they should still not be subjected to the sharp jolts experienced by knives when used for chopping.

The Disadvantages of using Ceramic Blade Knives

There are a couple of downsides to using ceramic blade kitchen knives, but if good care is taken not to damage the blade then your ceramic knife should outlast even the most expensive steel blades. Ceramic Blades are very rigid and inflexible and even though they are much harder than steel they unfortunately do not have superior strength. This means that care must be used when storing them as ceramic knives can chip if not packed carefully away. Ceramic blade kitchen knives can also crack or shatter if used for pressing, twisting, or prying. Ceramic knives should also only be used to cut foods that are unfrozen and do not have any bones. The last disadvantage of ceramic blade kitchen knives is that you can't put them in your dishwasher. The motion of the dishwasher will chip the knives and damage their cutting edge. Please Note! Great care must be taken not to drop a ceramic blade knife as this can cause permanent and irreparable damage to the knife.

The Best Ceramic Blade Knives

One of the best manufacturers of ceramic blade kitchen knives is Ziganof. Ziganof ceramic blade kitchen knives are extremely hard. The hardness of the blades is measured on a scale called Mohs hardness scale. Ziganof blades are 9.2 on the Mohs hardness scale compared to steel which is 5-6 Mohs and diamonds which are 10 Mohs. Used under normal household circumstances, your Ziganof knife may take 3-5 years or more before it needs sharpening. Ziganof ceramic blade kitchen knives are available in both white and black. The reason for this is that they both contain zirconia, the white blades are made of zirconium oxide and the black blades are zirconium carbide. Both ceramic knife types are made using the same manufacturing process, but the difference is that the black blades are subjected to an extended final firing process to produce the zirconium carbide. The black zirconium carbide blades are up to twice as hard as the white blades. It must be noted however that both blades are at least 7 to 10 times as hard as normal steel blade knives.

The Ziganof Ceramic Knife 5 Year Warranty

Ziganof ceramic blade kitchen knives are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for five 5 years. The majority of the time damaged tips and ceramic blades can be repaired under the 5-year warranty. Please Note! This warranty does NOT cover the fact that your Ziganof ceramic blade kitchen knife might break or shatter if dropped on a hard surface. Ziganof ceramic knives are the next step in the evolution of cutting edge knife technology. These ceramic knives are unique because will last a very long time without sharpening and still retain their edge when cared for in a proper manner. With normal household use, your Ziganof knife may take 3-5 years (or more) before it needs sharpening. Ziganof ceramic knives are great to have in the kitchen because of their superior edge retention and wear resistance. Ziganof Advanced ceramic knives are the ultimate cutting tools for the every day slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. We hope you enjoy the experience of using our ceramic knives when preparing your next meal.

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