Professional Chefs Chopping Boards by Ziganof

All of our Bamboo chopping boards use raw materials sourced from a sustainable Bamboo forest. The Bamboo we use is 16% harder then maple wood and scratches less than any other chopping board currently available. In fact, one of the many good things about owning a Bamboo Chopping board is that you will get little or no deep scratches on the board surface. Even cleaning is a breeze with just soap and water needed.

Bamboo Chefs Chopping Boards Are The Healthy Option

Did you know Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria? This is why Bamboo Chopping boards are great kitchen tools. They are very strong and last longer than most other natural alternatives. Also, they reduce the blunting effects that one always finds when using glass or plastic chopping boards.

Bamboo vs. Plastic or Glass Chopping Boards

A common misconception is that plastic cutting boards are more sanitary than bamboo and wooden boards. This is not true however, because health and safety studies have shown that heavily used and scarred wooden cutting boards harbour considerably less bacteria than similar plastic cutting boards. This is partially because Bamboo is a naturally hostile environment for almost all bacteria to live in, but the fact that Bamboo does not scar as easily as other natural substances means that there are fewer areas for bacteria to collect. The natural consistency of Bamboo also ensures that bacteria cannot easily survive, because its pores move moisture away from the surface bacteria. All of our Professional Chefs Bamboo Cutting Boards are made of many pieces of bamboo fused together to create a smooth and attractive cutting surface. Bamboo grows at least 2 feet per day, making this renewable material en eco friendly addition to your kitchen. Please Note! Do not leave Bamboo Chopping boards soaking in water and do not put it in a dishwasher. Both of these activities will warp and damage the chopping board. Please also ensure that the Bamboo chopping board is cleaned thoroughly after using it for raw meats and poultry. This is not only good food preparation practise, but will also prevent any possible cross contamination of foodstuffs. When washing bamboo chopping boards the water helps to swell the knife cut and this helps to closes the size of the cut from a knife.

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