Damascus Knives

The term ‘Damascus Steel’ is derived from the fact that the first blade (sword) to have used the method of folding steel into itself; thus creating multi-layering, was believed to have been discovered in the Damascus area of Syria in 300 BC. This method remained in the Middle East until around 1100AD when it made its way east to the Orient. This art was then perfected by the sword smiths in Japan and the Samurai Sword was born. It has come to be known as the ‘ultimate’ in blade production. Ziganof have put together a unique cooperative of these superior blade smiths who exclusively produce Knives only for Ziganof and sign each and every knife with their signature. We are proud to present their work to you as the ‘ultimate’ tool for food preparation.

Creating Damascus Steel Blades in the Modern Era

There are two styles of modern steel forging used today that result in the production of blades that closely resemble the patterning and physical attributes of the original Damascus Steel. These processes create the following two types of steel: Forged crucible steel: Forged Crucible Steel is created when ingots consisting of high carbon steel with metallic impurities are created through the process of extreme heat and slow cooling. This process causes the ingots to crystallise in their crucible. These crystallised ingots are then slowely forged at “red heat” until the desired blade shape is achieved. Pattern welded steel: Pattern Welded Steel is created when steel pieces that contain different carbon content are welded together with the aid of flux. They are continually bent, twisted and forged to create a solid steel blade that has the correct Damascus Steel grain, form and dimensions. Because both of these steels are used to create Ziganof knives of the highest quality we can proudly present you with the exclusive Damascus Steel Knives that are found in our product range.

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